Unique & Easy Fundraising Ideas that Brings Immediate Success

The Ideology and Why Fundraising is Important? Fundraisers should use pride, not an apology when asking for a gift for a charity that is doing good work. Fundraising for non-profits requires creativity, rigorous hard work, and research. If you are looking for Fundraising Ideas for schools, church, college or for some nonprofit event then this article will surely provide you some cool and interesting ideas.


A successful fundraising event will not only engage your participants to volunteer themselves for a great cause but would also allow you to leverage your strategies and generate maximum possibilities. Such events are extremely important to keep the ball rolling for a long term campaign or for any emergency crisis. It will also help you to foster the next bigger and better fundraising program in the future. These quick five ideas may work really well for your fundraising arrangements.


1. Let’s Face It, Kids Inspire Us

“I brought children into this dark world because

it needed the light that only a child can bring”

funding ideas for kids

It is indeed an indisputable fact that kids have the power and the potential to influence their guardians. A fun activity with children will surely bring out feasible results because the parents and elders in the family would eventually turn up to support them which will pave the way for promoting the event and henceforth guarantee a successful fundraising program.


2. A Public Holiday/ Festival Around the Corner?

Grab the opportunity on a festival or a public holiday to attract maximum participants and spontaneous donations. You can partner with a popular food joint or a bar where a percentage of the purchased product will straight away go to the charity box. It is also a great platform to create awareness for a cause and encourage people to extend their festive spirit to the vulnerable sections of the society. The emotional connect just works wonders for such events.


3. Sale and Auction? Not a Bad Idea Indeed

Educate a local community to discard their old items and auction them for a small profit. It is a unique idea to persuade people in adopting cleanliness and dispose of unused items from their homes or backyards. These items can ultimately be used by people belonging to weaker sectors.

Even a Rummage sale can be a great idea to generate funds within a local community. Such events will allow participants to earn the profit by selling their used items, they can be charged a small fee for the allotted table at the sale.


4. Star Power : A Brilliant Campaign Promoted By A Celebrity

A well-known personality has the power to influence and inspire people to donate for any emergency situation or for a general awareness program. Even if a person has minimum philanthropic interests, a celebrity can motivate him to think on a grave issue and offer funds for the success of a campaign.


fundraising ideas for nonprofit


Hear the World Foundation launched in 2006 has set a record of largest photographic awareness campaign and more than 60 celebrities have endorsed the campaign .

Recently, some of the biggest stars joined together to support LGBT community and raised funds for the families of the victims that suffered in Orlando attack. These are examples of how celebrity power can be put to good use. Celebrity campaign is a good idea for non profit fundraising.


5. Fundraising Through Entertainment


Fundraising Through Entertainment


Movies can act as a dynamic and vibrant force to infuse the right kind of wisdom and acumen in the audience. Films can provide lessons through the most mesmerizing and captivating visuals that can propagate the campaign further into fruitful results.


A well-organized film festival is a great platform for amateur filmmakers and activists to showcase their talent or convey a strong message to the society. They can be asked to pay a meagre amount for the presentation. This event can be translated into a contest where the audience can pay to vote for their favourite movie that can be added to the charity collection.



To Conclude

The competition is cut-throat when you want your unique propagandas to attract supporters. With the help of uniquely planned events , you can create the excitement amongst the participants and invite real people for genuine causes. Fundraising is a success when you do the brainstorming and execute the ideas live with people asking for more.

One should never forget that charity is all about giving, hence extreme importance should be given to what you are offering to the volunteers at the event. A real and sincere belief to bring change in the society will act as a driving force and it can kick-start your fundraising campaign. How true is this beautiful saying by Mother Teresa-

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving”