Best Simple Online Business Ideas

I am sure like me you also dream to work on your own business, something which totally manage by you. Well in this post I am going to provide, some best Simple Business Ideas which having huge scope in future and yes they are best to start now in this year.


I divided this post into two section first is for online, means Full Online home base business and another section is a mix of online and offline business. Well, we can’t underestimate the power of online presence that’s why every business requires some online presence in the web.


Full Online Business Ideas

01. Freelancing

Yes, I am sure you heard about this. Currently, it is not treated as a business but who know future, every good company require freelancers to solve some technical issues.


freelancing business ideas

Well if you don’t know exactly what is freelancing, let me tell you. Freelancing means working for any company and organisation for a particular time till project completed. Freelancer guys are self-employed they are not dependent on any company. Easy definition huh 😉


How You Can Make Freelancing As A Business ?

Let’s take an example, suppose you are very good in generating computer programs for software. So you can make a profile of yourself in the web so that anyone can contact you who needs your skills in their work. Got My Point !!!


02. Online Blogs

This is a very vast thing I must tell you. Generally, people think blogs are created to share our personal feeling and thoughts which is actually true. But the thing is, we can build a business from blogs also.


online blog as business idea


Current scenario is like every company jumping in web, which is a must thing !! But the thing here is company generally have four to five page to describe all their stuff means what they do and how they do.


But in the web to survive they have to produce more and more good quality content so that, they can attract more users or customers.


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How To Create Business With Blogs?

working on a personal blog like is somewhere is easy and can be managed by one guy but working in bulk as a business you need a team, and after that just create your customers list who need blog post in their websites.

One thing you have to care of quality of content and also relativity of content to that company whom you are writing blog post.


You can visit my article How To Create Blog. I mention 5 simple step in my article which are must to develop any kind of blog. These step are very helpful for newbies.


03. Online Advertising

This is a business which is never going to die no matter what happens to other industry this advertising industry always going to survive especially Digital Marketing.


Online advertising written in search bar on virtual screen.


Every company need clients/customers so getting those customer it require some marketing tricks. The company generally now how to make the best product but they do not have idea how to sell it.


How to create Online Advertising Business ?

All we need a website where our users mean company guys register and fill their demand like what kind of customer they need, because more targeted they are more better they get the result.


So after taking all the details, we can manage all marketing move for that company and provide customers to them.

Online + Offline Business Ideas


01. Travel Agency

Ya, this business is also very good and the best part is that it is not going to end. We all like to travel and sometimes we plan to travel such a place where we do not have any resource like room, transport.


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Being a Travel Agency you can offer a full package to traveler by taking care all his needs. Like you can manage transport, hotels and food for the traveller so that he does not have to worry that much.


Taking Travel Agency as a business, you have to work as offline also like arranging transport and managing hotels service for a traveller.


02. Photographer

This is what I called as the trending thing in youth, photos are not just mean to get likes in social media it is about capturing some memories forever.


Photographer as a business idea in 2016


I also like photography and every time for any function or event we hire some good photographer although we have good cameras in our mobile.


Generally, people think that taking photos is just a click of one button, but a real photographer can understand what complex adjustment he have to do in setting before taking any shot.


How to Open Photography as Business ?

The first thing you need a website, where your audience and the customer can interact with you and second thing is that you need highly skill team with good gadgets like DSLR camera.


03. Computer Training Institute

We all know the craze of the computer in the current scenario. In fact, everything is now operated with computers. So taking advantage of this you can provide an atmosphere to people where they learn all techy things. I am sure you don’t think a computer is just a one click thing… do you?


computer training institute as business idea

How to Open Computer Training Institute ?

As Usual website first for a brand image and second thing here is you can open a coaching institute in a building or you can also teach online which is also trending these days.


In computer Institute with your expert guys/team you can provide courses like Software programming from basic to expert, also you can provide computer networking and security training which is also in high demand right now.



So above is all my list for Simple Business Ideas. Hope you enjoyed reading it and also selected one of a business idea also. If you not selected any business idea then let me know the reason behind it, I will try my best to answer. If you think something I forget to mention please do comment so that I can also increase my knowledge.