Why To Choose Blogging As Career ??

Well before going in deep that why you have to take Blogging As Career, I want to tell you about myself so that you are clear why you have to listen me or read this article.


I started my journey in 2014, so you can calculate I have near two-year experience in blogging and in Digital Marketing stuff. So I am going to discuss some of my experience and thoughts here. Excited huh… let’s roll.  😉


In India if you born in a middle-class family, then I am 110% sure that you dream to get rich. I am not kidding… ask yourself if you think I am joking. Because of this mindset guys generally go for that thing which has some fame and benefit in terms of finance.


Tarun Experience

I always get attracted to that thing which has some huge opportunity to make money, that’s why I can say I get fascinated to this online Industry (Blogging, Digital Marketing).


People Generally see things in their surrounding like people who are making good money and their profession. As the most popular and common profession which people go for is getting in a Private job or in Government Job, because they think that they get paid a very high amount or work is easy there.


So now you have the clear idea that most people not select career by their own, their surrounding environment and their background force them to select a career.


Stop Everything and Ask Yourself !!


Please Stop Everything and Ask Yourself


Stop doing work which you doing and ask yourself, what you want to do in your life? How you look your life as?

Here in this article, I will take Blogging as the career option. So guys who are new and interested in blogging can continue reading.


The Most Important Thing is Freedom

Yes in Blogging you have Freedom. You can say you have freedom but let me ask you question. Did your work allow you to do anything at any moment? Did your work allow you to work at any time?


Important Thing is Freedom

If the answer is no, then buddy move on. Life is not all about following protocols always, do something which you do for yourself, do something which fascinate you.


So I guess I clear my point that in Blogging you have the freedom to do anything. Like In Blogging if you have the interest in cooking you can write a blog on that and can share recipes or help others in making food. If you are like me ” Business Oriented” then you can make different business opportunity in blogs as well.


You Become Creative


You Become Creative


Well, I can bet everyone in this planet is creative, means they have their some style or ways to do anything. In Blogging, we get a full opportunity to design anything to create anything. Live example is this blog, It can be possible that you don’t like this blog design or look but Hello this is my world so I will create this in my way 😉 relax just kidding your opinion matter me lot.


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Tarun Experience

Well As I am also in Digital Marketing, so in that we have to capture leads (personal information) of targeted audience so that they buy stuff from our source. Here I can say, every time I have to plan that how I can improve my strategy. How I can attract my users (customers). I always create some creative way to attract my audience because if I don’t do that I am same as rest of marketers.

Opportunity To Explore New Things


Yes this is also I want to share with you before saying anything. Take me an example I started as Blogger then I work on Niche Blogging then I jump to marketing industry. In marketing there is hell lot different things to work on. Like you can work on CPL offer or you can work on CPA offer like that.


Opportunity To Explore New Thing

Relax I am not telling or forcing you to go in Digital Marketing field, all I mean is that in Blogging you always have several doors for trying new thing, there is no limitation. You can just stick to blogging and be an expert on that niche or you can just move on some other variety of things and get an experience of that.


More You Work More You Get


Well yes, this point really matters in this century. What happens is nowadays people always give an excuse that they work hard for some company and they get very less as money or some bonus. I have some of my friends which are giving 7 hours of a day to some organisation and what they get is really a piece of crap.


Tarun Experience

My Father is a Central Government employee in India and what my father lifestyle from day first of joining to till now is same, going office at 9 am and coming back at 7 pm. You can calculate how many hours my father had given to work but he is getting salary same from last 10 years. Can you believe that !!

Communicate  With World


As a human, we like to communicate in fact it is in our DNA to communicate with people. So I can bet there is no such thing which is better than The Internet to communicate. If you have some presence on Internet then you get a variety of option to communicate like communicate through the social platform.


And if you really like to communicate to some new audience then Blogging is the best field. Because when your content  index in search engine then it is open for the whole world, so anyone can access and get to your blog easily. Like you, as you reading my article. 🙂

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Well, I write this article for those guys who are not clear about their career, or those guys who are looking for some new career option. No matter who you are a boy, girl, teen or adult if you like my points which are mention above then, believe me. You have to try Blogging once. And I am damn sure that your are going to try that, just give yourself some time and then see the magic.

Your Views on this article ??