Get A Toll Free Number For Your Business by Grasshopper

Looking for a Toll-free number so that your customer and employees connected very well. If the answer is yes then let me tell you are at right place. This article resolves problem of business owner especially entrepreneurs. So let’s start !!


Managing thing from a call is what every business do, but it become too challenging when our business grows. And the worst is that when our clients or customer get affected because of our calling system.


So, What is a Solution ?

Go for Toll-Free Number for your business. Yes going for a toll-free number or local number is a right choice to manage things. It also sound professional when we have toll-free system install in our business.


Benefit Of Installing Toll-Free System

Fully Automatic

No need to live all-time to receive calls. With toll-free system, you can receive calls at 24*7


Good connectivity

Toll-free number provide a good option which is an extension. With the help of different extension, a customer can interact with anyone.


So, How to Apply For Toll-Free Numbers ?

Introducing Grasshopper, a service which is made to solve all problems. Grasshopper is well-known service all over the world which has 250k customers all around the world, so you can understand they are a Big Deal.


Turn the World Into Your Office



How Grasshopper Works ?


Working of Grasshopper toll free number

Step First: Pick A Number For Your Business

This is the first and very easy step in which you will choose your company toll-free number or local number.


Step Second: Record Greeting Message

Record your custom greeting message, which will going to heard by everyone your customers, employees.


Step Third: Add Different Departments

Add Different department by assigning different extension. The extension will divide your company, so that your customer and employees can contact different department at the same time.


Step Fourth: Receiving Phone Calls

After Adding extension you are going to receive Phone Calls.



Grasshopper Provided Services

Grasshopper Provided Services

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