Reasons Of Low Quality Ad Score In Google Ads & How To Fix !!

Google Ads quality score mainly measures whether your ads have some relevancy to the users. Moreover, it assists you in getting better ad positions. Your ad score depends upon the Landing page experience, expected CTR, and ad relevance. But if your Google Ads quality score is low, then you might face difficulty in rankings as your keywords won’t appear in Google searches. In this article, we will discuss the reasons for low-quality ad score in Google Ads and how you can fix that.

If you are a marketer, then your main goal is to reach your target audience with high quality as well as relevant ads as these kinds of ads acquire more clicks, user engagements, and conversions.

For executing a successful paid search campaign, it is so much relevant to have an excellent knowledge of the Quality Score. The Google’s way of informing advertisers how well their paid campaigns are working is called quality score.  


Reasons of low Quality Ad score


Low-Quality Ad Score Reasons


1. Lack of Relevancy and Cohesion

Unorganized ads don’t allow advertisers to get good quality scores. So make sure you have to put your high-volume keywords in your ads as well as on your landing page. 

For example, if you sell Wooden Chairs, then you should include the keyword “Wooden chairs” in the title of your ad. Also, it should be added to the headline of your landing page. You can also use dynamic keyword insertion anywhere in your content.

2. Low CTR can Impact Ad score


Low CTR can Impact Ad score

If you want to rank Good in Google searches and to grab a good quality score, then you should have a high CTR(Click-through rate). High CTR here determines that your ads get clicked when the user intent or user query matches with that. But similarly, on the other hand, if you have a low clickthrough rate, then you won’t be able to get a good quality score from Google. 


3. Short Tail Keywords Not always work. 

Well, user intent is crucial during Ad creation. So it is necessary to focus on the keywords also. When you deploy short tail keywords, then definitely CTR will be less. For Example, Digital Marketing tips have less CTR as compared to Digital Marketing tips 2020. So try to incorporate long-tail keywords for achieving better CTR and conversions.


Different ways to fix Low Quality Ad score


1. Improve Your Mobile Performance

If you consider mobile performance as well, then it can also help increase the score. Google includes performances for different devices which includes desktop, mobile phones and tablets. For this, you can make use of mobile-friendly extensions. This way, ad experience gets improved on tablets as well on a smartphone.

2. A/B Testing For Improving Quality Score of Google Ads

CTR is highly improved by A/B testing as you get the idea of which kind of ads are favourable to the users. You can try varied CTA’s to determine which kind of ads grab more clicks. You can also use Google Ads suggestion for getting ideas. A/B testing enhances your quality score by improving CTR.

Some right calls to actions are…

  • Buy Now!
  • Call Now!
  • Download Now!
  • Shop Now!

3. Increase Your Text in Ads

Ads with longer copy run so well. If you add more than 50% of characters, it can be fruitful to enhancing the quality score.You can make use of long-tail keywords in this. This way, the search terms are increased than usual. Your target audience can easily find you. So, it also assists in increasing the relevancy of the ad. If relevancy is enhanced, then your quality score also works well.

4. Optimization of Your Landing Page

If you want to calculate the quality of your Google Ads score, then you can’t neglect the optimization of the landing page. Your score can be improved if you use relevant keywords, measure loading speed as well as reliability of the ads.

Optimization of Your Landing Page


A high-quality landing page must have:

  • Easy Navigation

The users always love clear information. If you have a landing page that has easy navigation, then visitors will love to stay more on your website. Make sure you are representing the exact and similar information on your landing page which is represented on your Ads as well.

  • Loading Speed

You know what, users will immediately leave that site which takes more than 0.3 seconds to load, and switch to another site. So in this digital era, page speed can affect your Google Ad score to a great extent.

  • Relevancy of ads

It doesn’t matter whether you have a single landing page for every campaign or you have the custom one for each created ad. But make sure the landing page must be relatable to the ads to which they get linked. For example, if your Google Ad is showcasing the silk bedsheets, link that ad to a page which has silk bed sheets rather than all bedsheets page or the home page.

Final Thoughts

Quality scores matters if you want success in Google Ads. They are responsible for increase your rankings and cut your costs. To achieve a quality score, one must need to focus on various things. Ads should be created to focus on the user’s intent.

Using expanded text ads can also help create a good ad quality score. We hope this article helps you a lot. In case if you are facing any issue, need help or looking for Google ads consultant then you can contact us.


Frequently Asked Questions


  •  Why Quality score matter?

Quality score matters as it is responsible for depicting the relevancy of your ads to the users.

  • What is the ad quality score?

Quality Score is an assessment of the quality of your ads, landing pages, and keywords. The Quality Score is reported on a 1-10 scale. It comprises ad relevance, expected clickthrough rate, and landing page experience.

  • Why my quality score is too low?

This happens when your CTR is relatively low and landing pages are not properly organized.

  • How can I improve my quality score?

For this, you need to write ads that relate to your landing pages as well as the keywords, and ensuring your landing pages are useful to your prospective customers.