What To Do After Engineering ?

I am sure if you are going to complete your Engineering or B Tech Degree then you are looking for an answer that What you will do after Engineering?

Don’t take me as an Experience person, I am same as you, means I am also going to complete my Engineering in year 2016.


Now you are thinking that why you listen to me, right?


Ok first let me introduce myself (Don’t worry I will not take much time)

I Completed my schooling as an average student, and luckily I get to know that I have interest in Computer, so I choose Computer Science Engineering. Obviously, I apply for Good Institute through AIEEE and IIT but the same story as a common student I end to a Private College in Bhopal.

So now you know my background same like you but in my engineering life I have something which I am sure not common with everyone.

During my Engineering, I get to know that I am not interested in those subject which are in my syllabus. So I explore more and luckily found my world where I have to.

So, right now when I am writing this article I am an Entrepreneur managing 10+ projects all are online (website base) having knowledge of SEO and Digital Marketing. Earned Half million in just one year


And most important thing I am Happy 🙂


I am sure you get an idea about me, so lets continue…


So coming to Question What To Do after Engineering ?


You Know What if you are living in India Environment/society play a very important role in your life.

We all want to rich have a good life in fact better life then our neighbour. 😉

So what generally happen is that we look other people what they are doing (human nature although).

We always like to play safe, so we look to those people who are happy, earning very high and living a rich life.

So the result is we end up following other people without knowing that we are interested in that or not.


If you have only few days or month left of your Engineering, then I will suggest only one thing to you

if you are good at something do it after engineering

Seriously don’t take these word lightly these word can change your life believe me.

No matter what is your interest, just go for it.


So now Lets Explore what you can do after Engineering


1st If you seriously like your Engineering subject and having very high interest in your subject then I will suggest you to go for some High degree in that interested subject field.

Don’t think for a single moment that what will happen in future if you do that thing or what (Seriously Indian think too much ) 😛


Coming to 2nd Point


Which I think is most common between us.

We are going to complete Engineering, in whole engineering semester got very good CGPA or average CGPA till now but not have that kind of feeling for the particular subject.

So for those, I have only one thing Don’t go for any higher study. Yes, I am serious you found something strange here, but I am serious.

Don’t go for any Higher study, instead, go for something which you never tried.

Before saying any further, let me share my personal experience here as I found that in Engineering I have nothing which attracts me.


I did Traveling


Travelling To Explore world
Travelling To Explore the world


Yes, this is something which I didn’t try. Don’t dare to think travelling means just going from one place to another 😛

I travel with my friends in Uttarakhand for one week


Check My Travelling Experience By Clicking Here


By Travelling to some new place, I get to know outer world means there I found no assignments, no projects and no Engineering talks. So going in that environment helps in two ways you can understand yourself very well and may be you get to know that you are travel freak 😉


I did Teaching

Teaching is fun
Teaching is fun

As I already told that I learn something (SEO and Digital Marketing) which is not in our engineering syllabus. So what I did I teach that thing to many of my friends.

Here teaching not that formally teach means you try to give 100% of yours, so that person who is listening understand it, and here I am teaching not for money, I am teaching to explore myself that I have the ability to teach or not.


Check It -> Why To Choose Blogging As Career ?


Now you get an idea that what I am trying to say, if you are confuse that what you will do in future then do that thing which you never tried. Who know something better and new thing is assign by Destiny for you.



Well You can try this site for finding Your Career


Check mine what this site suggest me that what I can be

career quiz result of Tarun Rawat
career quiz results of Tarun Rawat

and I guess that site is right 😉 Because I am already in that field.

How you feel after reading this article ??

Share your thoughts in comment it Motivates me 🙂