How To Contact Google Ads Support Team (6 working method)?

If you are an advertiser then you should be aware of Google Ads. Google Ads can build an online presence. It is considered as a powerful platform for every small to large scale business for advertising their goods and services. With the help of Google Ads, you can reach high marketing points. Various features in marketing help you to target a perfect ad. But when you use Google Ads, you might face some issues and these issues get resolved by using Google Ads support system. In this article, I will discuss how to contact Google Ads Support team.


Ways of Contacting Google Ads Support System


If you want to build an online presence then Google Ads are the best option. It is considered as the added form of marketing. Google Adwords have not Dedicated support assistance for every country. In case if you need any services, you can contact us.


1. By Using The Help Section of Google Ads

  • First of all, you have to open Google Ads on your system
  • Then you have to click here
  • Now the following page opens in front of you. 

Where & how to contact Google Ads (AdWords) support team?

  • So you can contact the Google Ads support team. Firstly you have to add your query below “Tell us what you need help with:”

Where & how to contact Google Ads (AdWords) support team?

  • After adding a query, you can click on Next Step. The following screen will open in front of you. It starts showing you various issues related to your mentioned problem. You have to select the issue based on your issue.

Where & how to contact Google Ads (AdWords) support team?

  • Then it will ask to add your Google Ads Customer Id. The following screen will open in front of you.

Where & how to contact Google Ads (AdWords) support team?

  • After that, it will ask you to understand the recommended options.


  • Then, at last, the following page will open in front of you.


  • Here, it shows all the requisite information that you may need.


2. By using  Google Ads Community Section

You can also use Google Ads community for any issue with Google Ads support system. The following page will open in front of you.



Then you have to add your issue there. Let’s suppose if you add any billing-related issues, the following page open in front of you.


 There you can opt for any method and sort the issue.


3. Google Ads Phone Number for Google Ads Support System

 If you need any AdWords Phone support, you are in the right place. The contact details of some major countries are as under:-


United States 1-855-607-0431 9 am – 8 pm ET Monday – Friday
Australia 1800-287-850 9 am – 6 pm AEST Monday – Friday
Brazil 0800-709-4664 9 am – 5 pm BRT Monday – Friday
Canada 1-866-2GOOGLE
9 am – 8 pm EST  Monday – Friday
Colombia 01800 7541 453 or 57 1508 6292 9 am – 5 pm COT Monday – Friday
Egypt 0800-000-0211 7 am – 4 pm GMT+2
10 am – 3 pm GMT+2
Sunday – Thursday
France 0805 540 905 9 am – 6 pm GMT+1 Monday – Friday
Greece 00800-441-481-96 10 am – 5 pm GMT+2 Monday – Friday
Hungary 0680-983-840 9 am – 5 pm CET Monday – Friday
Iceland 8007410 8 am – 5 pm GMT Monday – Friday
India 1800 258 2554 9 – 6 pm IST
9 – 5 pm IST
Monday – Thursday
Ireland 1800 812 558 9 am – 6 pm GMT Monday – Friday
Israel 1-809-448554 9:00 am – 6 pm GMT+2 Sunday – Thursday
Italy 800-906-913 9 am – 6 pm GMT+1 Monday – Friday
Kenya +254202215370 11am – 6pm GMT+2 Monday – Friday
Malaysia 1800-815-872 1800-815-872 10.00 am – 6.30 pm MYT
10.00 am – 4.00 pm MYT
Monday – Thursday
Mauritius 802 033 0012 12pm – 7pm GMT+3 Monday – Friday
New Zealand 0800-726230 9 am – 6 pm NZST Monday – Friday
Switzerland 080 000 23 43 9 am – 6 pm GMT+1 Monday – Friday
United Arab Emirates 8000 444 0862 9 am – 6 pm GMT +4
12 am – 5 pm GMT +4
Sunday – Thursday


4. Send an Email

Email is always the best option. In case if you are hesitant and not want to speak with someone directly, then sending the email is the best way.

You can get assistance from Google support team in following

  • Ad Policy and Review
  • Ad Performance
  • Shopping Campaigns / Product Listing Ads
  • Billing and Payments
  • Receiving a suspicious email impersonating Google Ads etc.
  • Google Analytics

 Firstly here you have to enter your question. You must consider the following things.

  • What is your main query?
  • Do you face any issue related to billing?
  • Do you face any ad policies issues?

After you enter your question, you will be asked to confirm this issue. After confirming your issue, you have to make your choice. At last, you have to enter your Google Customer Id.

Make sure your Google customer ID should be unique. When you create a Google Ad, then you will get a unique code. Then you have to enter a code, select the next option and then you will get all contact options.


5. Google Ad Support System via Online chat 

Some businesses don’t have that much patience for waiting for emails, so here chatting is considered the best way. Online Chat is also another way to contact a Google Support team and this can be done through the chat window. Here the steps are similar, you have to get an email address that can solve your Google Ads related concern. In the online chat, you have to enter your relevant query, then selecting relevant topic after that key in Customer id of Google and opt “Chatting” as the medium of contact.

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6. Google Ads Support System via Google Support Forums

When you use Google Ads, it is so common that you might face issues. So the thing is what you have to do? In case if you are not ready to contact the team on phone number, email, chat or Google Ads then you can go to Google Ads support forums. On these forums, you get help posts from other advertisers who are experts in Google Ads. There you see the knowledge of experts.

Tips that you need to follow using Google Support Forums

  1. Firstly, you have to check other posts to see if anyone has sort this issue or not. You should add your query in the active section, instead of commenting separately.
  2. In case if you are pointing to the issue related to recovery or suspension of the account, then you have to post your own thread.
  3. You have to be well-mannered and approachable before Calling the Google Ads Phone Number

Final Thoughts


Before seeking any help from Google Ads support service, you have to first understand what is your issue? When you do so you would be able to sort the issue very quickly. This article is all about Google Ads support system. In case if you are facing any issue, need help or looking for Google ads consultant then you can contact us.

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